Alexandra Ianculescu


About Alexandra

Height: 5’6″ / 168 cm
Weight: 123lbs / 55 kg
Birth date: 1991/10/21 in Sibiu, ROM
Residence: Calgary, AB
Boots: Apex Custom
Blades: Maple 16.5”
Glasses: Oakley Radar Orange
Music: Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Kygo
Food: Sushi, Raspberry Cheesecake
Favourite rink: Collalbo, Italia
Languages: Romanian, German, English and French
Hobbies: Skating, cooking, painting, road cycling, tennis and skiing.

Alexandra was born in 1991, in Romania. She started skiing and skating at the age of 2. Her mother was a speed skater but was not able to follow her dream because her parents were teachers who said education was more important than sport.  When Alexandra started speed skating her mother encouraged her to follow her dream. At the age of four, Alexandra started playing tennis as they had tennis courts right next to their home.

After moving to Toronto, Ontario with her parents and younger sister, in 2001, Alexandra started speed skating in fall ’01 with the Toronto Cyclones. This was the first time she tried short track speed skating. After training for one year, Alexandra competed in her first competition and won her Ability group. She was hooked. Skating once a week was not enough, so her mother drove her to Brampton once a week, and Markham as well, to have more than one ice session.

In 2007, Alexandra went to Erfurt (GER), Inzell (GER), and Collalbo (ITA), to train with the Romanian National Long Track Team, which was led by her mother’s former coach. (Yes, he still coached!). Realizing she had a higher chance of skating in an Olympics as a long track skater, Alexandra decided to stop skating short track. She later represented Romania at the World Junior Championships in Changchun China, in 2008 as a long track skater.

Later in 2008, Alexandra left her family in Toronto and at the age of 16, moved to Calgary to pursue her dream of representing Canada on the world stage. Thanks to her mother, Sanda, who believed in her daughter’s dreams, she let Alexandra move on her own and follow her heart.  She was accepted into the National Sport School, and the Olympic Oval Program.  Alexandra has been living alone in Calgary ever since, and is proud to call the Olympic Oval her home base.  She represented Canada at the World Junior Championships in Finland and the Netherlands in 2011 and on the World Cup Circuit in Japan, Korea, Holland and Germany in 2014.

Alexandra loves to paint and draw in her free time, which she sometimes sells. Alexandra also loves playing guitar, as she taught herself how to play 10 years ago. A big fan of Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, she finds time for friends, family and enjoys going to rock concerts when she isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

She is now 24 years old, and after wearing the Canadian maple leaf on her back for five years, Alexandra has decided to allow herself a fair chance of achieving her Olympic dreams without politics getting in the way of her performances. She will be representing her homeland of Romania starting in the fall of 2016 on the World Cup Circuit, on the pursuit of racing at the Winter Olympics in 2018.

  • I don’t set goals based on time. I go as hard as I can every time to see what my body is capable of. It’s exciting to see how far I can push it

    Alexandra Ianculescu
  • If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done

  • Obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off your goal

  • The key is to raise the bar every single day, so the day that you perform, you know the work has been done and you are ready to go

    Alexandra Ianculescu

The Team 2016-2017

We believe in passion, drive and hard work.

Sanda Langer

Sanda Langer

Mom View Details

Sanda Langer

Gregg Planert

Gregg Planert

Long track Coach / Mentor View Details

Gregg Planert

Long track Coach / Mentor
Dan Perdue

Dan Perdue

Sport Psychologist View Details

Dan Perdue

Sport Psychologist
Sanda Langer

Sanda Langer


My mom is one of my inspirations for skating. She has always been there for me, regardless of what I was dealing with. My mom is the reason I am able to live my dream and was able to move to Calgary alone at such a young age to pursue my dreams.

Sanda was born in Romania and started skiing at a very young age. While pursuing that, she also enrolled in speed skating, with her sister. She became very good at it, and in 1986, at age 16 she won the overall Romanian National Champion title. More competitions were to come but with her parents being University teachers, didn’t allow her to continue with the sport since education was more important to them.

Sanda presently continues her involvement in speed skating as my personal “down-to-Earth” bringer and supporter. Sanda is a very successful personal trainer, Bowen therapist and lifestyle consultant in Ontario.

Gregg Planert

Gregg Planert

Long track Coach / Mentor

Gregg was born in Chicago, USA (DA BEARS!!) and moved to Kitchener, Ontario in 1960. His family was manufacturing speed skates in Chicago since 1904. In 1960, his father relocated the family to Kitchener to work at the Bauer Skate factory to continue making Planert Speed Skates. Gregg started competitive skating in 1963 when he competed in the Canadian Championships, and later made the National Team from 1971 to 1976.

In 1980 he moved to Winnipeg and started coaching in the Winnipeg Club. Some of the skaters that were coached by Gregg were Susan and Derrick Auch.
In 1985, he travelled to China to help establish their Short Track program and returned in 1986 to work with both the Long and Short Track programs.

In 1987, Gregg moved to Calgary when the Olympic Oval opened. He apprenticed under Jack Walters during that season and coached Catriona LeMay-Doan during her first year in Calgary. He has worked with Teramasu Osada, the head coach of the Fujikyu Speed Skating Team, one of the top professional teams in Japan, for 20 years.

Gregg is now the Technical Competition Coordinator for all competitions in the Oval. He has been running major competitions for many years and was the Chief of Competition at the Vancouver Olympics in Long Track Skating. Alexandra and Gregg have been working together since November of 2012.

Dan Perdue

Dan Perdue

Sport Psychologist

Dan Perdue is President of LEVEL 12 and a management consultant to some of North America’s leading organizations. He is a proven authority in performance psychology, having over twenty years of success in management, training and the development of high performance people. He is trained and certified in Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC), which is the science of success conditioning and is one of the most powerful strategies for conditioning your mind and emotions to behave in ways that will consistently lead you in the direction of your goals. Top performers in business, sports and entertainment choose to work with Dan for improving their performance because they know Dan will provide the edge they need to step up and stand out.


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I want to achieve my ultimate dream of competing in the Winter Olympics in 2018. With  your financial help I can focus solely on training, recovery and competing at my full potential. Therefore, your support goes a long way and I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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  • $3600 ice fee for the year (access to ice, and weight room)
  • $5000 coaching fee (for the year)
  • $100 weekend racing pass (1 season)
  • $660 ($115 – single competition fee)
  • $1500 new custom race boots (taking me through to 2019)
  • $591 x 4 race blades
  • $4800 treatments for the year (massage, therapy, recovery)

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Countdown to PyeongChang 2018


Here you will find a few of my Results & Achievements.



11-13 World Cup Changchun (CHN)
18-20 World Cup Nagano (JPN)
2-4 World Cup Astana (KAZ)
9-11 World Cup Heerenveen (NED)
27-29 World Cup Berlin (GER)
9-12 World Singles Distance Championships  Korea
25-26  World Sprint Championships  Calgary
11-13  World Cup Final  Russia


My Personal Records

500m 38,80 December 2013 Calgary (CAN)
1000m 1.16, 75 October 2014 Calgary (CAN)
1500m 2.00,77 January 2014 Calgary (CAN)
3000m 4.32,05 November 2009 Calgary (CAN)
5000m 8.51,02 December 2010 Quebec City (CAN)

Ladies World Records

500m 36,36 Lee Sang-Hwa Nov 2013 Calgary (CAN)
1000m 1.12,58 Brittany Bowe Nov 2013 Calgary (CAN)
1500m 1.51,79 Cindy Klassen Nov 2005 Salt lake City (USA)
3000m 3.53,34 Cindy Klassen Mar 2006 Calgary (CAN)
5000m 6.45,61 Martina Sablikova Mar 2007 Salt lake City (USA)


Season Goals

  • Represent Romania in the Fall and Winter World Cups, as well as World Sprint Championships and World Single Distance Champtionships 2016-2017
  • Place top 16 in the World.
  • Skate sub 38 seconds in the 500m
  • Skate sub 1.16.00 in the 1000m

Career Goals

  • Represent Romania and Canada at the Olympic Winter Games
  • Podium finish in the 500m at the Olympics
  • World Sprint Champion
  • Work as a television broadcaster post retirement, as part of Olympic broadcast team (every two years)
  • Work as design director for lululemon’s Women & Go line
  • Publish my cookbook post 2018 Olympics
  • Open my first store in France, and take my brand to a whole new level (will launch soon)

  • 26th in the 1000m in the World 2014-2015 season (speedskatingresults.com)
  • 32nd in the 500m in the World 2014-2015 season (speed skatingresults.com
  • 1st place finish in 500m Canadian competitions point ranking (2013-2014)
  • 2nd place finish in 1000m Canadian competitions point ranking (2013-2014)
  • 500m track record in Canada Cup 3 – Saskatoon 2014
  • 3rd in 1000m Canada Cup 3 – Saskatoon 2014
  • Gold & Bronze in 500m North American Championships 2014
  • Gold and Silver in 1000m North American Championships 2014
  • 6th in Canada at Olympic Trials in 1000m
  • 7th in combined 500m at Olympic Trials.
  • Qualified for the 2018 Olympic Talent Squad
  • Represented Canada at the World Junior Championships in Finland and World Cup Final in the Netherlands 2010-2011
  • Finished the 2010-2011 season ranked 14th in Canada in the 500m
  • Represented Ontario at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax in 2011
  • 2011 North American Championships/ Junior World Cup- Silver medal 500m Ladies LA2
  • Qualified for Team Canada 2011, and will represent Canada at the World Junior Championships in Finland, and World Cup Final in Groningen.
  • Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Long Track Forerunner
  • Qualified for Canada Winter Games (Team Ontario Long Track)
  • Won 5 distances at Ontario Trials for CWG December 2010
  • Ontario Winter Games Bronze Medal Short Track Relay 2006 Collingwood
  • Romanian Overall Inline Champion 2007
  • Romanian Overall Inline Champion 2008
  • Romanian Long Track National Champion 2007
  • Romanian Long Track National Champion 2008


Calgary WC warm up (Schaatsfotos)

Calgary WC warm up (Schaatsfotos)

Okanagan Training

Okanagan Training

For Sale – Sponsorship Campaign

For Sale – Sponsorship Campaign

World Cups 2014

World Cups 2014

On ice training

On ice training

Dry land training

Dry land training

The Beauty of Sport 2014

The Beauty of Sport 2014

Olympic Trials 2013

Olympic Trials 2013

Personal Pictures

Personal Pictures


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